The Flag

Zambian flag consists three colors green, red, black which hold meaning including the eagle symbol. Zambia is rich in natural resources which is why the country survived even it was landlocked for quite sometime. The natural resources and vegetation are represented by green. The red color in the flag represents bloodshed and fight against captivity. The color black represents the people due to their skin color. The orange color symbolizes the country’s mineral reserves. And the eagle symbol holds the meaning of hope and ability to rise above the problems in the country.

Brief History

Zambia was once administered by British South Africa Company in 1891. The people of Zambia seek independence and finally got it in 1964. They resisted the administration of the former British South Africa Company due to the issue on mining which was taken advantage by the former administration. After independence, Zambia suffered drought because of an economic mismatch but they worked hard to bring the country’s economy back to normal. Now, Zambia is a free country and still trying to work well with other countries.


Zambia is a Republic country. The name Zambia is inspired by the Zambezi River because it gives life and nourish the land which enabled its people to plant their crops.