His childhood has prepared him to become a politician who will later lead Zambia. He was born in the town of Miko in Zimbabwe. Luckily, a local Ductch reformed church preacher saw his potential and sponsored him so would be able to continue his education. His first wife, Hope Mwansa, died in year 2000 and left him with three sons. He remarried again to Thandiwe Banda, his second wife and the became the first lady in 2008 to 2011.

Banda was also appointed as a Permanent Representative to the United Nations. He was also given the task to deal with cease-fire in Angola.


Becoming a president was his destiny. Former president Mwanawasa died due to stroke and paved the way for him to be an acting president in 2008. He then filed his application for Presidency. MMD supported him all the way. He won the presidential election with 47 votes against 11. He promised that he will continue the implementation of Mwanawasa’s programs and will unite the nation. Banda focused on developing the economic state of Zambia by traveling abroad and seek trading opportunities to other world leaders.

Banda Facing Charges

After his presidency, Banda was arrested facing corruption charges due to Nigerian oil deal. This brought pain and disbelief to all his supporters. He addressed this issue by denying the allegations against him. Without enough proof, he was released but still has to face the charges in court.