Ineffective distribution of drinking water

Though Zambia is rich in wet lands and water resources, people of Zambia struggle everyday in getting drinking water for their families. The Government has extended help by installing wells, stand pipes, and rainwater collection facilities to solve this problem; however, due to the lack of budget, Zambia is still struggling in providing clean drinking water for all of its people.

Aids victims continue to arise in numbers

Though Zambia has high fertility rate, they have low life expectancy rate. HIV/AIDS has rapidly spread in Zambia. It kills massive population of children and adults. According to, there are 1.2 million people suffering with aids and that is 12.9% of their population as a country. Every year there are 60,000 new cases of infected people.

Use of illegal drugs

Zambia is dealing with drugs issues because there were reports that the country became transshipment point of illegal drugs such as methaqualone, cocaine, and heroin. Poverty might be the root cause of why the people agreed to do business with biggest drug lords. It offers good sum of money effortless compared to working legally.

Illegal wildlife trade

Zambia has a number of natural resources which means they have high biodiversity. But as the years go by, their biodiversity percentage decreases. One of the reasons is the illegal wildlife trade. This illegal practice endangers species and if we don’t do something about it these animals might be extinct in less than 10 years.