Three Must-Read Books about Zambia


Known for its rugged landscape and diverse wildlife, Zambia is rich in natural resources and attractions as well as outstanding views. But despite the abundance of natural riches and wonders, over sixty percent of the country’s population lives below or within the poverty line. Some of the pressing issues it has to deal with include HIV/AIDs and droughts. Access to quality education is likewise a problem. With more than one Zambian tribe or ethnic group, the country has a diverse culture that may be unfamiliar to most outsiders. Whether you planning on traveling to Zambia to explore or volunteer, here are some of the best books that offer a glimpse into the beautiful country.

North of South: An African Journey by Shiva Naipaul
Why read it: North of South is a tale of the author’s travels to Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia in the 1970s. From stories of the people met during travels to a more intimate look at the heritage and daily life in the African countries he visited, this book provides insights into the challenges the countries face.

Scribbling the Cat: Travels with an African Soldier by Alexandra Fuller
Why read it: Scribbling the Cat tells the story of the author’s journey with a veteran African soldier to visit some of the war scenes that takes them from Zambia to Mozambique. It provides an interesting perspective about Africa, its people, the war, and the war veterans who have done and seen their share of atrocities.

The Eye of the Elephant: An Epic Adventure in the African Wilderness by Mark Owens
Why read it: This book shares the story of the biologists who wanted to do some research work on animal behavior and ended up battling to save elephants from poachers and promote a more ethical way to enjoy safaris. This is a book that offers a poignant look at life in Africa, its wilderness and wildlife and the challenges the couple faced during their time there.

Simple Ways To Make A Difference

making a difference

Contrary to popular belief, making a difference doesn’t have to be that hard.

All you need is to be willing enough – to make a difference by opening up your mind on things that take time to fully comprehend, to make a difference by opening up your heart on people who take time to fully understand, and to make a difference by opening up your soul on places that take time to fully appreciate.

Even more so, here’s a few simple ways to make a difference:


Indeed, your smile is your brand. And indeed, their smiles are their brand. It lets everyone know you who you are, as well as what you are capable of. It also lets you know who other people are, as well as what they are capable of. And the best part of smiling? No pretentions. No convictions. Just a simple genuine smile is all it takes to make a difference for someone else’s life.


And by this, it means shouting out for awareness on issues that most people just take for granted. And by this, it also means shouting out for assistance about needs that few people just leave for wants. You have the voice. Use your voice to let everyone know what truly matters in one’s life. You also have the voice. Use your voice to let yourself realize what truly matter’s in one’s life.

Indeed, making a difference doesn’t have to be that hard.

All you need is to be willing enough to open up, as well as to be brave enough to smile and to shout.

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