Stop the spread of AIDS/HIV

A deadly disease

Aids has no cure yet. It is a deadly disease that attacks your immune system and weakens it. Without healthy immune system, the victim would be more prone to sicknesses which later on leads to death.

Don’t be a victim

Aids can be transfered by the following sources: breast milk, semen, blood, and pre-seminal fluids. Aids doesn’t manifest on a person’s appearance so you can’t judge whether a person has aids or not unless he or she undergo an HIV test. In earlier years, people get HIV because of blood transfusion but today, the highest cause of Aids infection is due to unprotected sex. Don’t be a victim. You cannot undo Aids. Once you acquire it, there is no going back.


Always use protection when having sex. Again you cannot judge anyone who has it and who don’t.

Have yourself tested. Don’t be afraid to take the test. There are free testing centers that are ready to assist you. It’s a way of having peace of mind and preparing for the worst.

Don’t share injections. If you are required to inject yourself due to medical reasons, at least don’t share injections and dispose them properly.


After the wide spread of Aids, campaigns and organizations are on the rise to help in spreading awareness. They also help those who are victims of aids by setting up programs such as counseling, free check-up, and subsadized medications. Let us support them on what they do.

Actions done to help African Children from being infected

Free HIV testing and counseling

The best way in preventing aids is through awareness. Most of the people in Africa don’t know what they are up against. Organizations travels to secluded areas to conduct seminar and testing. To attract participants, they give away food and refreshments all for free.

Promoting the use of condom

Organizations have donated free condoms to the people in Africa. Part of this program is the awareness of aids and how it can be prevented. However, the number of cases of aids continue to increase because people in Africa resist on using it.

Medications for HIV prevention

The common victims of aids in Africa are the children. They had no choice because they are born with it or their mother transmitted it to them through breast milk. To prevent death of babies due to aids, a medication was developed that helps the prevention of mother-to-child transmission. It is the Antiretroviral treatment (ART). The medications are given freely to young mothers.